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Our Box Beams are generally ordered as 3 sided boxes that are completely assembled.  We also sell 2 sided and 4 sided box beams.  They arrive ready to install either over the top of existing beams or directly to the ceiling.

Our Reclaimed Douglas Fir Box Beams are sourced primarily from pre- WWII buildings.  The boards start with their original rough face and patina that comes with being in a structure for over 100 years.  We then either brush the original rough face to make it a little smoother or we plane the boards, which still leaves some of the original patina.  We also offer a variety of finishes specifically created for our Douglas Fir Beams.


Type   Box Beams

Species  Douglas Fir - Reclaimed

Standard Dimensions:  6 x 6, 8 x 8, 10 x 10, 12 x 12

(Custom Sizes – Contact us and/or See Beam Specifications)

Standard Lengths: 4 – 19’  

(Beams over 20’ + $20 Linear Foot, over 30’ + $30 Linear Foot, over 40’ –TBD)

Surface Texture: Rough Sawn or Planed

Surface Treatment: 

As Is (Beams are lightly brushed),

Sanded Brown (Exterior patina is sanded to a brown color)

Resawn / Sanded (original face is cut off and the beams can be sanded or left rough)

Finish Options (+ $15 per sq.ft): Grey, Dark Brown, Barshay, Custom Finishes           ( +$20 per sq.ft)

Price based on Linear Feet (LF) Purchased, Dimensions of Beams and Species:

Order  4 - 49 LF   50 – 199 LF   200+LF          

6x6      $55/LF       $50/LF         $45/LF

8x8      $65/LF       $58/LF         $52/LF

10x10  $75/LF       $68LF          $60/LF

12x12  $85/LF       $77/LF         $70/LF


For all custom sizes and finished Douglas Fir Box Beams please contact us directly at info@eandkwood.com 310-306-6900 for a full quote.

For more information See Specifications: Box Beams

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BM105 Reclaimed Douglas Fir Box Beams

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