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Our Mixed Hardwood Hand Hewn Beams are a mix of various hardwoods.  When these beams were made, they took whatever trees were available in the area and used those to make their beams.  This is why many barns are filled with a variety of locally sourced hardwoods.  This may include some or all of the following species: Elm, Hickory, Maple, Ash, Oak, Beech and others.

Hand Hewn Beams are probably the best representation of history in reclaimed wood.   These are beams that were cut by hand not machine. Generally a special tool called an "Adze" was used to hewn a round log into a square beams one small piece at a time.  The unique marks are different on every beam depending on the hewning technique of the person making the beams. 

Hand Hewn Beams generally come in square sizes: 6x6 - 12x12.  Due to the square size we can cut the back face of the beam to make it shorter on the sides i.e. 8x8 can be cut to 6" sides and 8" face, but it cannot be cut to 8" sides and 6" face without cutting off one of the original faces.


Type  Hand Hewn Solid Beams

Species  Mixed Hardwoods - Reclaimed 

Standard Dimensions:  6 x 6, 8 x 8, 10 x 10, 12 x 12

(Custom Sizes – Contact us and/or See Beam Specifications)

Standard Lengths: 4 – 19’  

(Beams over 20’ + $20 Linear Foot, over 30’ + $30 Linear Foot, over 40’ –TBD)

Surface Texture: Hand Hewn

Surface Treatment: 

As Is (Beams are lightly brushed),

Sanded Brown (Exterior patina is sanded to a brown color)

Finish Options (+ $15 per sq.ft): Grey, Dark Brown, Barshay, Custom Finishes           ( +$20 per sq.ft)

Price based on Linear Feet (LF) Purchased, Dimensions of Beams and Species:

Order of 4 - 49 LF   50 – 199 LF   200+LF          

6x6     Oak  $45/LF     $36LF          $30/LF

8x8     Oak  $80/LF     $64/LF         $54/LF

10x10 Oak  $125/LF   $100/LF       $84/LF

12x12 Oak  $180/LF   $144/LF       $120/LF


For all custom sizes and finished Hand Hewn Beams please contact us directly at info@eandkwood.com 310-306-6900 for a full quote.


For more information See Beam Specifications


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BM107 Reclaimed Mixed Hardwood Hand Hewn Solid Beams

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