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Often time our clients want to specify certain characteristics of the material they are purchasing. This includes everything from having one length of board only, to how much Grey is on their paneling, to amount of finish coats on their floors, to custom driving requests.

We have tried to put as many options as possible here in the Options Collection.Though we may have missed something.  If there is an option you do not see listed on this site then feel free to call one of our knowledgeable reclaimed wood experts and they should be able to help you.

Tel: 310-306-6900


Options are listed below or can be accessed from Options Drop Down Menu


IA Metal Detect 

IB Power Wash 

IC Trim Ends

ID Kiln Dry

IE Clean Up Package

IIA Cut to One Fixed Length 

IIB Cut to One Minimum Length

III  Extra Long Length Boards

IV  Milling Options

V  Material Selection Options

VI Delivery, Packaging, Rush Order Options

VII Finishing Options

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