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Ontario 688 - E&K Vintage Wood  Inc.,

Rich browns and grays make up our Ontario flooring.  Crafted from Reclaimed Douglas Fir lumber with its original textured face. The original face is hand sanded and then finished with a penetrating oil finish. The Ontario's custom finish is a rich deep grey with natural browns coming into the mix.

Thickness: 5/8" 

Standard Face Widths:  3", 5", 6 1/2" Random 5" - 9"

Standard Lengths: 2' - 8' 

Milling: Tongue and Groove, Relief in back, Microbevel, Surface has Hit or Miss Milling

Finish:  Penetrating Oil

Sold In: 25 sq.ft. increments with a minimum purchase of 300 sq.ft. See Minimum Order Policies for more information.

For LEED Points and additional options in size, milling or other specifications please see Flooring Specifications page or contact us directly at EKinfo@eandkwood.com or 323-902-7156  

 Order Process

FL Ontario 688 Reclaimed Wood Flooring (Sold in 25 sq.ft. increments)

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