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Pine Thrashing Barn Floor 2x10 Original T&G - E&K Vintage Wood  Inc.,

Barn Threshing floor is one of our more unique offerings.  This was the floor of the barn where the farmer would where a farmer would thresh the grain harvest and then winnow it.  The boards have a unique texture from the threshing or beating of the grain.  This material comes in different species and sizes.  Most common type we aquire is Pine 10" width.

Thickness: 1"

Width: 8 - 10"

Length: Random Lengths 2' - 12'  

Sold By: Linear foot. With a minimum purchase of 100 Linear Feet..

Milling: Unmilled

For LEED Points and additional options in size, milling or other specifications please see Lumber Specifications page or contact us directly at info@eandkwood.com  or 310-306-6900

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Pine Thrashing Barn Floor

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