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About Us

At E&K Vintage Wood, we specialize in finding the Finest Reclaimed Wood preserved from the deconstruction of historic buildings throughout the United States and Abroad.  E&K Vintage Wood offers reclaimed lumber, siding/paneling, flooring, beams, slabs and custom milled furniture to clients seeking sustainable, aesthetic and versatile material. Each and every board used in our vintage flooring and siding products has been hand selected and painstakingly crafted by our veteran wood artisans. Our products are favored by clients with a discerning eye for the rich textures and distinct beauty found only in reclaimed wood. Featured in traditional, contemporary and rustic applications, both commercial and residential, the artistry and authenticity of E&K's Fine Reclaimed Wood is unmistakable. 

E&K's wood is sourced from aged structures such as barns, warehouses, churches, homes, distilleries and cotton gins in the United States and Abroad. However, in the spirit of sustainability, local stock takes priority. When we sell in our local Los Angeles, Southern California market we try to offer a locally sourced option. Likewise when we sell to New York or Dallas we try to offer a locally sourced product as an option.

The timeless beauty of our products is an attribute of their history and source. Every board or timber that is harvested must pass a strict inspection to ensure it meets our standards. Once selected, the wood is denailed, sorted, graded and ready for use. Each species: Oak, Maple, Walnut, Pine, Douglas Fir, Chestnut, Beech, Rosewood, Redwood, Hickory and many exotics will have the character and patina that only reclaimed wood can offer.

With the large amount of quality reclaimed wood in our inventory, it means even if you don't see it it doesn't mean we don't have it or can't get it for you.

E&K is constantly receiving new material and cannot keep the website current at all times. Our vast inventory cannot be completely captured online, please send us an email or call us at 310-306-6900 if you have any questions or material you wish to discuss. We are always interested in new sources of reclaimed wood. If you have a structure, upcoming demo or other source containing reclaimed wood, please contact us.

E&K serves a range of customers from small retail orders to large construction projects. E&K offers custom pricing for those in the trades,: Architects, Designers and Builders. We also have a system to work with Developers, Clients with Multiple Locations, Resellers and large Purchasers.  For these types of accounts we may offer negotiated pricing. Inquire at tel: 310-306-6900 or email, must register on this site to qualify. 

E&K Vintage Wood is FSC® Certified. Our clients working on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification can utilize our reclaimed wood products for MR4 (materials reuse) and MR5 (regional materials, depending on location of project) credits. To get additional information about the LEED program or green building, go to the U.S. Green Building Council website http://usgbc.org

Designers, architects, installers, general contractors and end-users are beginning to recognize the deep value of using reclaimed wood. The aesthetics are far superior to new growth wood and it offers distinct character and history that is unmatched. In addition, using reclaimed wood helps to preserve the world's forests and prevent further burdening of landfills.

A Few of the clients we have been pleased to work with are: Google, Nike, ABCTV, HGTV, Marriott Hotels, Starbucks, KAA, Whole Foods, Kathryn Ireland and West Elm. In addition to our commercial clients, we also have an extensive residential client base.

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