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Beam (BM) Specifications

At E&K we consider a beam to be any lumber that is 5" thickness and 5" width to be classified as a beam.   Almost all the species that we carry in lumber we also carry in beams.  With certain species more common than others for beams.  


When we receive reclaimed beams they may have one of three surface textures.

Hand Hewn:  The beam has been made by hand with an Adze, a special type of axe that people used prior to the advent of large commercial milling operations.  The use of the Adze leaves distinct cuts in the wood as the round log was "hewn" into a square log.  A hand hewn beam is one of the most distinct products we carry.  It is a real piece of American history.  Generally the Hand Hewn beams are 100 + years old.

Rough Sawn:  The beam has been cut by a band saw or circle saw and is still in its rough condition.  The wood has not been dressed or planed and if purchased today quite often is still green not completely dried.  The rough sawn beams we obtain for the most part are 50 - 100 years old and are completely dry.   They have the rough texture and the circular saw marks are still visible on the wood.  

Resawn:  Original surface has been sawn off in a resaw or bandsaw.  The saw markes generally are straight not circular.  Usually means a newer beam.  Surface may be rough to the touch or smooth depending on how beams were sawn.

Planed / Sanded:  Beams were either planed or sanded.


E&K offers two types of beams Solid and Box Beams.

Solid beams are beams that are sold as is with all of the beam intact.  Box beams are the outer pieces of the beam put together without the core of the beam.  This gives the beam the look and feel of the solid beam at a fraction of weight.

E&K Vintage Wood specializes in making  2, 3 or 4 sided hand hewn box beams. Our Hand Hewn Box Beams are made from the skins of actual beams. We don't try to put together skins from different beams to make our Hand Hewn Box Beam. Nor do we faux the hewning on the beams.  

Our Beams are brought to our facility where sort and grade the beams for the best use.  When we make Box Beams, the 4 sides are sawn off the original beam. After cleaning and kiln drying the beam is reassembled exactly as it was originally.   When completed it is almost impossible to tell that the beam is a box beam.

SIZING  Hand Hewn beams most commonly come in square sizes, 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, 12x12.   These sizes are nominal sizes, example: 8x8 will have actual final dimensions of 7 1/2" - 8" x 7 1/4" - 8"  The sides are approximately 1" thick, this will produce an interior dimension of between 5 1/4" - 6"


     LENGTH - Beams 25' - 36' in length are charged an extra 15% and Beams 37' - 50' are charged an extra 25%

      FACE/SIDES - There will be an additional charge of $10 per linear foot for each 1" that the Face and Sides are over 12".

2, 3 or 4 SIDED All pricing is based on 3 Sided Box Beams.  2 Sided Box Beams are charged at 75% of the charge.  4 Sided beams have an additional 25% charge. 4 Sided beams will come pre-assembled into a 3 sided Box with the 4th Side cut and finished ready to be attached on site.

PREPARATION  All Beams are initially power washed and denailed.  Then we resaw the actual solid beam to get 4 skins that will comprise the 3 sided or 4 sided box beam.  The skins are kiln dried prior to assembly. 

MORTISE POCKETS  Most beams have mortise pockets, we charge $40.00 per pocket to patch.  Patching is free on orders over $5000.

COLOR  As Is, we do nothing to the beams except brush off the loose dirt.  Natural: Leave beams as is, only giving them a light screen.  This removes dirt, and cleans the surface.  Final will usually be a mix of mainly browns with some whites and  greys.  Sanded: We sand the beams down to there natural brown color.  All beams will be slightly different brown tone.  Grey:  we clean the boards and do a light misting of Grey on the beam.  Just enough to give a grey look.  Custom Color:  On orders exceeding $10,000 or for $500 we will work on a custom color.  This means we will provide 3 samples based on sample shown.  No Charge for Standard, Sanded and Grey colors

Nominal Sizes: 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, 12x12  (Price for sizes between the listed will be based on the highest dimension i.e. 6x10 will be charged as 10x10)  

Standard Lengths: 6' - 25'

Length +: 26' - 50'( we can provide single piece box beams up to 50' long)

Milling: Butt Joint 

Sold By:  Linear Foot (LF), 10 LF minimum.

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