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If you've found this page you probably have some additional questions about getting a quote from our site. Always feel free to give us a call at 310.306.6900 and a member of our team will be happy to provide further assistance. 



Q: I don't have an account, can I complete an estimate as a guest?

A: Due to the fact that one of our reps will need to follow up with you to complete your order, creating an account allows for more efficient communication. It's for this reason that we require you to create an account before completing an order with us. You can of course use the site's tools to get a quick quote without submitting it to E&K Vintage Wood, but please keep in mind that for certain orders, online prices are not final. We do provide discounts to industry professionals and Volume Orders.


Q: I want to buy Lumber/Siding/Beams/Slabs but only have measurements in square feet. How do I calculate board feet?

A: We understand that most people are used to taking measurements in square feet. However, we sell most of our products in board feet. We have added a Board Foot Calculator to make this easier on our clients. Please use our Calculator to determine your dimensions in Board Feet.


Q: I calculated my order in board feet. Is that the exact number that I need to order?

A: Part of the charm of Reclaimed Wood comes from its irregularities. This can also affect the total number of boards needed when it comes time for installation. We recommend purchasing an extra 15% of wood in addition to your original order to account for these irregularities and potential installation waste.


Q: I don't see the material I'm looking for. Do you carry it? Are you out of stock?

A: In addition to our 2 Los Angeles locations, we have yards across the country that we can pull material from. We have millions of board feet of consistent reclaimed lumber. Our inventory is so vast we can't capture it all online. Please give us a call at 310.306.6900 to discuss your desired material. 



Q: I want to add specific options but your site doesn't seem to offer them.

A: We try to go above and beyond industry standards with the options we offer. If you're looking for wood to be milled to specific dimensions, please check to see if it's possible for our available options to meet your needs. If you still want to order wood milled to more specific dimensions, you can place a Custom order with us by calling or visiting our Showroom:

5036 Venice Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90019




Q: Are your prices firm/final?

A: Our pricing is generally fixed with a few exceptions. If you are an industry professional or are interested in rates and/or Financing for Volume orders please call us at the number listed above.  



Q: I see you're located in Los Angeles, CA. I am placing a large order from out of state, how is shipment/delivery arranged?

A: Once we receive your order, someone from our Sales Team will contact you to arrange shipment. Shipment costs are the responsibility of the client. We encourage all customers to read our Terms of Service.


Q: I'm also located in LA, can I just drive over a truck to pick up my order?

A: You can absolutely arrange to pick up your order yourself. If it is a large order you may need to visit our Lumber Yard location in Gardena. You will need to contact the yard to schedule an appointment before picking up. To schedule an appointment please call 310.400.7163


Q: What is the Lead Time for my order to be delivered/ready for pick up?

A: Our lead time for milled materials can vary depending on the details of your order such as clean up, milling, grade, quantity and availability. In Stock products can be ready for pick up within a number of days. Rush options are available depending on supply.


Selling Wood

Q: I found your site because I have vintage wood that I'm looking to sell. Who do I contact?

A: Please contact our Showroom at 310.306.6900



Please see our Refund Policy available at Checkout.


Sharing Information Online

Please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy available at Checkout.

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