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Hand Hewn Box Beam Process

Notes on how we make our Hand Hewn Box Beams:

E&K's process in making hand hewn box beams is to make exact recreations of the original beam.  

After the selection and preparation of the beam. We begin by cutting off 3 faces of the original beam.The best face and the two adjacent sides at approximately 1- 1 1/2" in thickness.  

The sides are placed on the bottom piece, exactly in the position they were in when it was a solid beam. Once we  have lined up every pocket, check, lines of grain between the 3 pieces, we then attach them together using 2" nails as well as glue.  After it dries, you have the exact replica of the original beam except usually this is where you need an experienced finisher to do the final touch up to remove any trace of a joint line.  

E&Ks experienced finish team, going through every beam inch by inch and filling and patching any areas where the connection between side and face of the beam shows a visible line. The end result is the original beam is put back together with no visible joints.  

The standard sizes for Hand Hewn Box Beams are 6x6, 8x8, 10x10.  We can reduce the sides of the box beams to and height desired.  Example: A box beam that has 8" sides and an 8" face, can have sides any size from 8" down to 2".  

We can also make box beams that are oversized by joining skins from multiple beams.  

The interior of the beam is approximately 2 - 3" smaller then the original beam. An 8x8 having 5 -6" x 6 -7" interior specs.

The hand hewn beams vary in color and texture, they do have some mortise pockets, which we can patch.  Our pricing is done by the Linear Foot.  With an added cost for beams 18' and over up to 24'. Beams over 24'+ are priced per job.


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