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V. Selection Options


Every piece of reclaimed wood is a little bit different.  We realize at times there are certain characteristics which a client wants to insure that they will get in their material.  We offer some options to choose certain characteristics that we will insure are in your product. Selection options are not available with every product, nor are they always available on a certain product due to what is available at any given time.


1. Hand Select - E&K selects boards for certain characteristics such as all one color or one grain type or any other item specified that means that boards cannot be randomly selected from the top of the bundle. This includes Select Grade material which will be material that has less character marks including nail holes, knots, variance in color or patina. Select Grade characteristics vary based on species and supply.  Add 25%

2Furniture/Premium Grade - Material is selected to be suitable for furniture, primarily table tops.  Material will be straight and true with one face that is free of major holes, cracks, divets, discoloration. Add 40+% 

3Weathered Grey - Primarily for Exterior Barnwood Siding - The boards get a unique weathered look as a result of exposure to the elements. This causes the wood grain to open up, some checking to occur and in general the boards turn shades of grey. The amount of grey on the boards varies by each piece. E&K's Weathered Grey option offers more consistently grey color boards than the Standard mix of surface textures and colors. The Weathered Grey appearance may vary considerably from board to board and will have areas of natural wood and inconsistent grey coloring. For more consistent Grey Weathered Board see our "Select Weathered Grey" ADD $2.00 BF/SF

4Select Weathered Grey - E&K will hand select boards with a more consistent Grey as well as trim out as much non-grey as possible. The final product will be all grey boards with a range of tones and limited natural wood coloring showing through. We try to select boards that are straight and true but if you plan on using the material for siding or paneling then you should have it milled to S1S2E or purchase our Aberdeen Siding Blend. ADD $4.00 BF/SF

5White Oak - E&K offers an All White Oak option. Without cutting the boards it can be very difficult to identify which boards are White Oak and which are Red Oak, so much so that even our experts may have trouble telling one from another. The White Oak option means you will get +/- 90% White Oak boards. ADD $3.00 BF/SF

6. Douglas Fir  - All Medium to Dark Brown in color. ADD 25% 

7. Douglas Fir - Vertical Grain in boards under 6" wide ADD $4.00 BF/SF 6" or Wider Price upon request

8Redwood - Clear Heart Old Growth ADD $3.00 BF/SF

9.  Barnsiding 1x Thickness - All Pieces 13/16" or greater in thickness ADD $1.50 / BF

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