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Reclaimed Douglas Fir 1x is primarily obtained from local Southern California structures.  We always maintain stock in 1x6 in stock and usually maintain stocks of the other sizes. The Douglas Fir 1x will sometimes have a white cast on it when it was the subfloor in a structure. This white can be removed or used as part of the aethetic.  The material will most commonly have 1 side original rough face and 1 side original planed face.  Though in some cases both sides will be either rough or planed.

Thickness: Nominal  1" 

Width: Nominal 4", 6", 8", 10", 12'

Length: Random Lengths 4' - 12'  

Sold By: Board Foot, 50 BF increments with a minimum purchase of 100 BF.

 For LEED Points and additional options in size, milling or other specifications please see Siding Specifications page or contact us directly at EKinfo@eandkwood.com or 323-902-7156

L Douglas Fir Reclaimed Lumber 1x

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