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CUT TO ONE FIXED LENGTH - ADD 25% to the Board Foot / Square Foot cost of item

E&K will provide all boards cut to one exact length.  Example: 5 beams Cut to 18'. 

The cost to cut to to a fixed length is an an additional 25% of the existing board foot or square foot costs.

This option is based on available supply, may increase lead time.

E&K will adjust invoice to reflect exact charge based on the formula below.

Example: Purchase 8" x 8" Beam 10' Long.  This equals 54 Board Feet (BF)

Price is $10.00 Board Foot (BF)

Option is 25% of $10.00 = $2.50 Board Foot Additional Charge

In this example Price is now $12.50 Board Foot and total cost of the beam would be $12.50 x 54 = $675 

Cut to One Fixed Length Enter Total Board Feet or Square Feet of Order

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