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FL580 Adele Oak Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Rich dark grays and browns grace this elegant custom finished Reclaimed Oak floor. The Adele will work in a traditional or contemporary location. 


Thickness: 3/4"  

Width: 3”, 5”, 7”  All +/- ½” One Consistent Width  (Other widths may be available)

Lengths: 2' – 10' (no more then 10% of sq.ft. under 4’)

Milling: Consistent width and thickness, tongue and groove profile, relief on back

Surface Milling: Hit or Miss 

Finish: Penetrating Oil 

Order Process 

Quote or More Info.

 For additional options in size, milling or other specifications please see Flooring Specifications or contact us directly at info@eandkwood.com or 310-306-6900

FL580 Adele Oak Reclaimed Wood Flooring

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