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II.b Cut to Minimum Length 

Option below is based on available supply, may increase lead time and require METAL DETECT OPTION

CUT TO MINIMUM LENGTH ADD 15%+  E&K willl provide all boards cut to one length or greater. Example: All boards cut to Minimum 5' in length, this means all boards will be 5' or more within the range of lengths for that project Depending on length the cost may be up to 25%.  

Item will show a charge of $1.50/BF based on a $10.00 BF item - price may be greater or less than that depending on Board Foot Price of Item. E&K will adjust invoice to reflect exact charge based on the formula below.

Example: Purchase 8" x 8" Beam 10' Long. This equals 54 Board Feet (BF)

Price is $10.00 Board Foot (BF)

Option is 15% of $10.00 = $1.50 Board Foot Additional Charge

In this example Price is now $11.50 Board Foot and total cost of the beam would be $11.50 x 54 = $621


II.b Cut to Minimum Length

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