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The milling options are generally done by third party mills. E&K does not profit from milling options. We pass along the cost to you with enough mark up to cover our expenses. Due to the cost of setting up the milling equipment and calibrating the blades to ensure the material is cut to exactly the right dimension, there is a “Set Up Fee” that is charged by all mills to cover getting the equipment ready for a custom milling job. If E&K has material that has already been milled we do not charge a set up fee, but if we have to take your order to the mill there will be the following set up fees along with a per Board Foot or Square Foot charge. The mill waives the Set Up Fee if the amount being milled is large enough. We pass along that same savings to you. If the order is over 1000 Board Feet or Square Feet (or 500 if Flooring), the fee is waived. Pricing for items 1 through 5 is based on boards up to 2” thick and 12” wide, larger sizes are priced upon request. 

Note: Set Up Fee and Milling Options must be added to the cart separately to avoid overcharging the Set Up Fee. Do not select a Set Up Fee if your order is 1000+ BF/SF.




1S1S Fixed Set up Fee $250 + 1.00 per BF/SF – Surface 1 Side, one side of the board will be surfaced. We use this to mill boards that vary in thickness to a consistent thickness. In most cases the original unmilled face is left as the one that will show in an application and the back side will be planed. Set up fee waived if over 1000 SF/BF.


2S2S Fixed Set up Fee $250 + $1.50 per BF/SF – Surface 2 Sides, both faces of the board will be surfaced. We use this when the client wants boards that are equal in thickness and have planed faces. Set up fee waived if over 1000 SF/BF. 


3S1S2E Fixed Set up Fee $350 + $2.00 per BF/SF – Surface 1 Side and 2 Edges, 1 face will be surfaced and both edges will be surfaced. This is our most common type of Milling for Siding and Paneling. This mills boards to equal thickness and equal width as well as leaving the original Face.

Set up fee waived if over 1000 SF/BF.



4S3S Fixed Set up Fee $350 + $2.00 per BF/SF – Surface 2 Sides and 1 Edge, both faces will be surfaced and one edge will be surfaced. This might be used if one was making a table with a planed face and wanted the planks on the outside of the table to have an original edge. Set up fee waived if over 1000 SF/BF. 


5S4ST&G or Shiplap $500 + $3.00 per BF/SF – S4S is both sides and both edges surfaced. T&G is putting a tongue and groove on the edges of the boards to allow them to interlock, this is generally used for flooring. Shiplap is an interlocking profile with a protruding top piece on one edge and bottom piece on another edge, generally used for siding. Pricing is based on using standard profiles, no more than 2” thick. Thicker material is priced upon request. T&G and Shiplap are based on boards up to 8 ½” wide. For T&G and Shiplap of boards from 8 ½” to 11” price per BF/SF is $1.00. Boards wider than 11” are priced upon request for T&G and Shiplap. Contact Us.

Set up fee waived if over 1000 SF/BF.

If purchasing a Siding Blend (SD) that is already milled to S1S2E or will be milled then the additional cost to Shiplap or T&G is $1.5 per sq.ft.

If a custom profile is desired, knives have to be made at a charge of $500 for custom knives. 


6.  Rip, Fixed Set up Fee $250 + .50 per Linear foot – A rip cut is when a cut is made parallel to the grain of a piece of wood. It is the opposite of a cross cut, which is when the cut is perpendicular to the grain. Example: If you ripped a 2” x 6” x 10’ board you could get 2 pieces of ¾” x 6” x 10’ or if you did 2 rip cuts you could get 3 pieces of ½” x 6” x 10’. Price is increased to $1.50 per Linear Foot on boards over 4” thick.


7Flap Sand – This is a special custom sander that uses oscillating steel brushes that will sand the high points and rough points of wood without removing the patina of the material.  This can be used to make Weathered Grey material smooth to the touch without removing the Grey Patina. This needs to be sent to a third party to do the work. ADD $1.50 per BF/SF (boards 3” or narrower add $2.00 BF/SF) plus set up fee of $350. Set up fee waived if over 1000 SF/BF.


8. Wire Brush – Wire Brushing will scrape a lot of the soft wood off of the top of the floor planks, leaving only the hardest wood and exposing more of the wood's natural grain. Wire-brushed wood floors can look very dramatic; you should be able to see all of the fine, rich texture of the wood including knots, this also allows for better penetration of the finish. ADD $1.50 per BF/SF  (boards 3” or narrower add $2.00 BF/SF) plus set up fee of $300. For Heavy Wire Brush add $2.00 BF/SF and for boards 3” or Narrower Add $2.50 BF/SF


9Custom Millwork – Billed separately by E&K at $75/hour. Please contact us for Custom orders.


10. Flooring Orders - If order is less than 500 SF and not In Stock, there is a $450 milling set up fee.


IV. Milling Options

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