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E&K Rushmore Custom Reclaimed Siding

An E&K classic, Custom Siding Blend featuring mixed species barn siding with a palate of medium to dark browns, grays and two tone grey and brown boards. This is a gorgeous accent to any interior or exterior setting.

Standard Thickness: 1/2"

Standard Widths:  5", Random 3" - 5", Random 5" - 9"

Standard Lengths: 2' - 8' 

Milling: S1S2E Consistent width and thickness

Sold In: 50 sq.ft. increments with a minumum purchase of 300 sq.ft. See Minimum Order Policies for more information.

For LEED Points and additional options in size, milling or other specifications please see Siding Specifications page or contact us directly at info@eandkwood.com or 310-306-6900

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SD Rushmore 1011 Reclaimed Wood Siding

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