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The Chesapeake is the newest E&K custom reclaimed siding blend.  The unique look comes from boards that are reclaimed from structures exposed to the elements. These boards are then lightly misted with color. Select boards are then put through our custom sander, that leaves the undulations and some of the original color while making the boards soft to touch.  

THe resulting boards are a range of gray tones and some browns.  These boards are excellent for locations where people will make contact with the boards such as retail establishments.  Good for indoor and outdoor use.

Standard Thickness: 1/2"

Standard Widths: 5", At times 3" and 4" offered

Standard Lengths: 1' - 6'

Milling: S1S2E, Shiplap, 

Sold In: Square Feet, 25 sq.ft. increments 

 For LEED Points and additional options in size, milling or other specifications please see Siding Specifications page or contact us directly at EKinfo@eandkwood.com or 310-306-6900

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SD Chesapeake 1079 Reclaimed Wood Siding

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